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Aliquot Starlet with the doors open in a lab

Automated Sample Aliquoting with Stopper Removal/Replacement

The Aliquot STARlet assay ready workstation fully automates source-target sampling of blood and other homogeneous and heterogeneous biological samples for downstream applications. The walkaway process safely removes and replaces stoppers from a variety of commercial blood collection-type tubes, mixes the samples, and precisely aliquots daughter samples in under two minutes per tube. Up to 64 source tubes and 256 target tubes may be processed at once.

Features and Benefits

STARlet with Vacucap channels on deck

Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Operation

The hands-free sample aliquoting workflow includes stopper removal, mixing, aliquoting and stopper replacement to save time, minimize contamination, and ensure confidence in results. Operators are protected from biological hazards and free to focus on higher-value activities.

Europe's aliquot STARlet with doors open

Quality Sampling for True Results

The Aliquot STARlet ensures sample integrity and confidence in results through:

  • Real-time clot detection
  • Anti Droplet Control (ADC) to reduce contamination risk
  • Barcode tracking
  • Optional use of filter tips
Aliquot STARlet with 5 mL channels

Precision Pipetting

Air displacement pipetting using Hamilton tips with CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology provides superior measurement accuracy, precision, and reproducibility without aerosol generation during tip pick-up and ejection.

Hamilton Aliquot STARlet tube carrier

High Throughput Versatility

Up to 64 source tubes and 256 target tubes may be processed at once, including homogeneous and heterogeneous biological fluids. A variety of tube types are easily accommodated via easy carrier and tube insert reconfiguration.


All configurations are based on the Microlab STARlet.

Length 31.3 in (795 mm)
Length with Autoload39.7 in (1006 mm)
Width 48.6 in (1234 mm)
Height 37.3 in (946 mm)
Europe Hamilton Aliquot STARlet brochure cover

Want to review the full specifications?

Download the Aliquot STARlet brochure for a full list of features and specifications.

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