The AutoLys STAR assay ready workstation fully automates cell lysis and differential separation of DNA from biological evidentiary samples contained in specialized, barcoded spin-basket/filter type AutoLys Tubes.

The combined system increases throughput, repeatability, traceability and workflow efficiency from crime scene to lab, while decreasing active labor time and risks of human error and cross contamination. Up to 72 samples may be processed at once using the cell lysis protocol, and up to 48 evidence samples (yielding a total of 96 DNA samples) may be processed at once using the differential separation protocol.

Features and Benefits

Time Saving

The complete workflow, including pipetting steps, incubations, spin column handling, and centrifugation are integrated in a single tube on a hands-free automated platform to save time, minimize contamination, and ensure confidence in results. The AutoLys SAE workflow is based on the Gill method of DNA sample preparation and separation.

Unique AutoLys Tubes

AutoLys tubes use a unique tube-in-tube design, and were specifically created to enhance forensic DNA sample processing. The inner tube and screw cap function as an extraction unit, so may act as a lysate filtration device (when purchased with a non-DNA binding membrane) or spin basket (when purchased without the membrane). The outer tube serves as a collection tube for the clear sample lysate. AutoLys tubes minimize time-consuming lysis steps, provide full sample traceability, optimize yields and increase reproducibility and hands-free efficiency.

Hamilton CO-RE paddles picking up a plate

Efficient Integrations

A wide range of AutoLys STAR accessories, including barcode readers, centrifuges, and heater-shakers, create a hands-free system personalized to the laboratory’s needs. Additional accessories may be added at any time as workflow requirements evolve.

Precision Pipetting

Air displacement pipetting using Hamilton tips with CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology provides superior measurement accuracy, precision, and reproducibility without aerosol generation during tip pick-up and ejection.

Hamilton's plate sealer on a STAR deck

Enhanced Sample Integrity

2D barcoded samples are tracked from point of collection through automated cell lysis to DNA extraction without the need for human interaction. This reduces the risk of lost or misplaced samples and maintains a full chain of custody.


The AutoLys STAR is available in 3 configurations: The AutoLys STAR 4+4, the AutoLys STAR 8+4, and the AutoLys STARplus 8+4.

DimensionsAutoLys STAR 4+4AutoLys STAR 8+4AutoLys STARplus 8+4
Length39.7 in (1006 mm)39.7 in (1006 mm)39.7 in (1006 mm)
Width44.3 in (1124 mm)65.6 in (1664 mm)85.1 in (2160 mm)
Height35.6 in (903 mm)35.6 in (903 mm)35.6 in (903 mm)

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