Hamilton NGS STAR V side view

Level Up Your Library Prep with NGS Assay

It’s time for the next step. Please welcome the newest member of our NGS Library Preparation family: the NGS STAR V. This Assay-Ready Workstation really cares about your library preparation automation with respect to usability, reproducibility, traceability, and safety needs. Fully automated library preparation can be optimized for use with assay chemistries from leading industry partners, with medium to high throughput.

Features and Benefits of NGS Automation

Hamilton propels next-generation sequencing into the future with the NGS STAR V. This is an advanced system designed for multiple automated NGS library preparations.

Hamilton ensures optimized and qualified NGS applications and offers a full walkaway solution with minimal hands-on time. NGS automation allows temperature-controlled positions and user-friendly software to streamline efficient library preparation workflows.

Hamilton NGS STAR V exposed deck and CO-RE technology

Hamilton makes Next Generation Sequencing Future Proof

The NGS STAR V is ideal for multiple automated NGS library preparations. Each NGS application is optimized and qualified, in collaboration with industry-leading partners.

For specific questions or a preferred provider, please contact our dedicated application experts, who will provide high-quality guidance and translate specific needs into reliable and efficient automated workflows.

NGS Assay deck layout

Optimize your library preparation

To optimize your NGS library prep, we offer several temperature-controlled positions, each designed to cater to specific requirements in the process.

  • The CPAC (Doubled Temperature Power) ensures optimal temperature control and doubles the power for accelerated reactions, expediting the library preparation.
  • The Linear Cooling Carrier is tailored for seamless cooling and scanning operations, providing precise temperature regulation throughout.
  • The Hamilton ODTC (On-Deck Thermal Cycler) offers a compact and convenient on-deck solution for thermal cycling, streamlining the workflow without compromising space.
  • The Thermoshake AC goes beyond conventional temperature control by incorporating shaking capabilities, enhancing mixing efficiency during library preparation.

These temperature-controlled positions empower researchers with the tools to achieve precise and efficient library preparation for their clinical research.

Hamilton NGS STAR liquid handler

Intelligent NGS Automation

NGS STAR V Status Light colors indicate running, error, finished, or user input required positions. Since it illuminates the interior of the Pipettor, the status is still visible from a distance.
User-friendly software guides operators through the automated process and offers tailor-made reports.

On Deck Thermal Cycler on a STAR

Minimal Hands-on Time for Library Prep

NGS STAR V is a complete walkaway solution; it is well-designed and has improved features for NGS Library Preparation workflows. Automated barcode verification ensures appropriate placement of samples, reagents, plates, and tips.

This sophisticated system minimizes the risk of human error and enhances traceability, guaranteeing the accuracy of the library preparation process. The intuitive user interface further simplifies operation, allowing researchers to effortlessly navigate through the system and monitor the progress of their experiments in real-time. With the NGS STAR V, laboratories can achieve unparalleled efficiency and reliability in NGS library preparation, unlocking new possibilities in genomics research.

What is NGS Automation

NGS automation involves applying automated processes in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows. It utilizes robotic systems, liquid handling devices like the Star V, and advanced software to streamline and optimize library preparation, sample indexing, and sequencing tasks.

By automating these steps, NGS automation significantly increases throughput, reduces hands-on time, enhances precision, and minimizes the risk of human error. This approach accelerates genomics research, makes NGS technology more accessible, and contributes to advancements in personalized medicine, functional genomics, and population genetics.


All the specifications are based on the Microlab STAR V Liquid Handling System. You can find detailed specifications in the flyer and our user-friendly software guides.


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