The Hamilton NIMBUS Presto Offers Automated and Optimized Magnetic Bead-Based Extraction

Hamilton, together with Thermo Fisher Scientific, optimized the NIMBUS Presto assay ready workstation for fully automated and parallel nucleic acid and protein extraction of a variety of biological samples. Blood, plasma, tissue, saliva, FFPE and buccal swabs may be automatically processed on a single, integrated system with a small footprint to conserve precious laboratory space. The workstation is integrated with the Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher Presto and pre-programmed for use with proven KingFisher magnetic bead-based sample processing. Two interchangeable magnetic heads allow parallel processing in 24- and 96-well plate formats.


Features and Benefits

Convenient, Individualized Flexibility

Both the NIMBUS Presto and ID NIMBUS Presto are easily fine-tuned to the lab’s specific sample processing needs today and as requirements evolve over time. The workstations offer interchangeable magnetic heads to process 24- or 96-well plates. Along with the interchangeable heads, the system pipettes volumes between 1-1000 μL and can extract DNA, RNA, cfDNA, and proteins from various samples.

Hands-Free, Hassle Free Operation

As fully walkaway systems, NIMBUS Presto and ID NIMBUS Presto significantly reduce cumbersome and user- or sample-variable processing steps as well as risks of sample handling or contamination throughout the workflow to achieve top-quality yields of target nucleic acids and proteins. The NIMBUS Presto and ID NIMBUS Presto feature a dual-position turntable which allows the processing of one plate while a second plate is simultaneously prepared by the liquid handler and transported to the Presto. Barcode verification ensures proper sample identification and placement to eliminate risks of sample handling or manual documentation errors.

Precise, Repeatable Liquid Handling and Plate Transport

Air displacement pipetting using Hamilton tips with CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology provides superior measurement accuracy, precision, and reproducibility without tip distortion or aerosol generation during tip pick-up and ejection. Additionally, CO-RE technology is employed to automatically and efficiently transport the sample microplate around the deck during processing.


All specifications are based on the Microlab NIMBUS.

Length53.6 in (1359 mm)
Width28. in (709 mm)
Height35.0 in (889 mm)

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