The chemical industry is very diverse and so are the applications that can be found there. No matter if organic or inorganic chemical processes are performed, what is in common is that their process conditions are very demanding for the materials used. Harsh conditions and aggressive chemicals require suitable measurement technology.


Water Preparation Chemistry

Many chemical processes are water based. For a reliable and consistent process standardization and purification of the water is an important step.

Product Supply

In the product supply all solutions and chemicals required for a specific process are provided. Due to their different chemical nature the supplying piping system and other equipment have to be specified and cleaned accordingly.

Product Formulation

Chemical products very often are not used pure but in a formulation with other substances or solvents. So the formulation according to the recipe is monitored and controlled precisely to avoid by-products and to maximize the yield.

Wastewater Treatment Chemistry

Due to the very different kinds of chemical processes wastewater treatment has to be adjusted accordingly to meet the local requirements before the wastewater is allowed to enter the municipal water system.

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