Real-Time Viable Cell Density (VCD) Monitoring

  • Industry: Cultivated food production
  • Application field: Control of mammalian cell culture using pluripotent cells for cultivated meat
  • Hamilton products: Incyte Arc

Cultivated meat has emerged as a potential solution to mitigate the environmental impact of traditional meat production. However, for it to become a sustainable and ethical alternative, significant challenges need to be addressed. These include the taste, scalability, and price of the product. While taste is crucial for consumer acceptance, achieving large-scale production and reducing production costs are equally important.

Netherland- based cultured meat company Meatable wants their products to be cost-competitive with corresponding organic conventional meat products, in order to reach the mass market and ensure widespread accessibility for their cultivated meat. In the production of cultivated meat, a number of factors such as media composition, pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen levels play a crucial role in maintaining optimal cell growth conditions. To establish cultivated meat as a viable option, it is necessary to address the most pressing challenges. Measuring process parameters and improving process control & outcome play an important part in this.

Hamilton’s Incyte Arc Sensor is a critical tool for Meatable scientists in their efforts to drive innovation in meat cultivation. Download the application note to find out how Meatable used insights gained from Incyte Arc to optimize their production and ensure product quality and safety.

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Application note for Cultivated Meat


Tony Davies

Bioprocessing Team Lead at Meatable, Netherlands

Caspar Quakkelaar

Associate Engineer Bioprocessing at Meatable, Netherlands

Yavuz Celik

Cell Density Product Manager at Hamilton, Switzerland