Conducell 4Usf Conductivity sensor

Conducell 4UxF Arc 4-pole conductivity sensors have a VP8 connector and are available with PG13,5 process connections. Arc technology allows calibrations to be stored in the sensor, predictive diagnostics, automated documentation, as well as user and process assignment. Direct connection to the control system eliminates the need for a transmitter, and the many available communication protocols provide the flexibility for simple integration. The FDA certified Conducell 4UxF sensors are CIP, SIP, and autoclave compatible for easy use in hygienic applications with good linearity over a broad conductivity range. Electrodes are available in Stainless Steel (USF, 1.4435, & UHF, 2.4602), Platinum (UPtF), and Titanium (UTF). Stainless steel 1.4435 is the most common electrode material and is suitable for typical biopharmaceutical applications. Platinum can be used for long term stability and corrosion resistance. In cases of highly corrosive or chemically aggressive applications, stainless steel 2.4602 can be chosen for its exceptional resistance. Titanium is well suited for use with corrosion such as seawater.


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