Real-Time. Solid State. Made for Bioproduction.

Hamilton's CO₂NTROL is a solid-state sensor that directly measures DCO₂ and provides maintenance free, real-time, and in-line control of this important critical process parameter. Get automated control that enables increased titer, better batch-to-batch reproducibility, and more consistency from R&D to production-scale bioreactors.

White Paper: Comparing CO₂ Technology

Direct vs. Indirect Measurement

Traditional electrochemical sensors measure DCO₂ based on the Severinghaus principle. This indirect measurement method combines the challenges of measuring pH and electrochemical DO into one sensor. The result is significant maintenance effort and multiple sources of drift that must be compensated by time-consuming product calibration. Hamilton’s CO₂NTROL is a maintenance free, Solid-State sensor that directly measures DCO₂ resulting in better measurement accuracy and lower cost of ownership.

CO₂ Measurement Principles:


CO₂ molecules diffuse through a gas permeable membrane into an electrolyte. CO₂ increases the acidity of the electrolyte which is measured by an internal pH sensor.

CO₂NTROL Optical Measurement

CO₂ molecules diffuse into a gas permeable membrane where the sensor measures the absorption of CO₂-specific MID IR wavelengths. This absorption correlates to the partial pressure of CO₂ in the media.

Streamlined Workflow

The CO₂NTROL development team recognized that for CO₂ to become a critical control parameter the sensor had to be easy to use and maintain. To accomplish this we had to reduce the complexity and eliminate liquid solutions and replacement parts. The team developed a Solid-State MIR design that is calibrated in certified gas and does not require a product calibration because of drift after sterilization processes.


CO₂NTROL is the newest member to Hamilton’s Arc Intelligent Sensor line. Embedded electronics convert the MIR CO₂ measurement into standard digital and analog signals that are easily integrated into your control strategy.

Maintenance-Free Solid-State CO₂

Simple Calibration

In air and gas standard.

Measuring Range

Designed for bioproduction (5–1000 mbar).

Maintenance Free

No liquids or replacement parts to change.

Hygienic Design

Compatible with Autoclave, SIP, or CIP.

Inverted Installation

Not affected by mounting orientation.

No Ammonia Fouling

No interference from other dissolved gases.

Specific Applications

  • App Note - Real-time Monitoring of DCO2 in Addition to DO

    In this application note, the utilization of a DCO2-probe in addition to a DO-probe at Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts, is briefly described using cell cultivation with varying stirring speeds to demonstrate the value added of inline dissolved gas measurement.


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