Total cell density sensors

Revolution of Total Cell Density Measurement

Total cell density measurement by the Dencytee sensor is based on optical density, commonly known as the turbidity of a suspension at near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths. All particles and molecules that scatter the NIR light will be detected. This optical density signal can be correlated to the total cell density measured by different offline measurement techniques. Find out more about Hamilton’s Dencytee and Dencytee Arc sensors and their unique measurement modes.

Optical Cell Density Sensors In Action

From increasing yield to shortening process time, the real power of Hamilton's optical density sensors is in your hands. As shown in the examples below, ask yourself what you could do with continuous process data.

total cell density sensor technology

Never Miss an Important Process Event

High resolution, continuous measurement technology enables real-time measurement of the bioprocess, improving process understanding.

optical cell density sensor control

Automated Control

Real-time total biomass measurement in-process enables automation and control strategies. Reduce manual intervention by automating process steps such as induction, feeding, or harvest timing.

total cell density sensor measurements

Correlate to Offline Biomass Measurements

With Dencytee Arc, a built-in correlation model provides a robust link between the in-line optical density signal and commonly used off-line measurements of biomass. Enables real-time, in-situ data of off-line biomass concentrations.

optical cell density sensor reliability

Strengthen the Reliability of the TCD Measurement Results

Monitor every event in your process to enable efficient process control. Simplify and automate process steps like induction, feeding, or harvesting.

total cell density sensors efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Reduce long off-line analysis in the laboratory. Reduce human error introduced by excessive sample handling. Increase efficiency and measurement quality.

optical cell density sensors integration

Easy Transmitterless Integration

Hamilton Arc technology enables seamless integration to a control system, PLC, or DCS without a bulky transmitter. Leverage the Arc platform to perform maintenance and configuration with ArcAir™ software.

Available Tools for Total Cell Density Sensors

Off line total and viable cell density Off-line Total
and Viable
Cell Density
Total cell density monitoring with Dencytee Total Cell
Density with
Benefits and Attributes

Discrete Data Points

Sampling Required

Contamination Risk

Enables Process Control

Real-Time Decisions

Continuous Measurement

Reduce Sampling



Additional Benefits
  • Cell Morphology Visualization
  • Growth Trend Interpolation
  • Temperature Independent Total Cell Density Measurement
Measurement Output
  • Cell Count (cells mL-1)
  • Cell Viability (%)
  • Other Complex Measurements
  • Total Cell Density Expressed as OD, AU, g L-1, Cells ml-1, NTU, arb.
    Unit, CFU, OD, PCV
  • Cell Counter and Chemicals
  • Off-line Samples
  • Operator
  • Sample Preparation
  • Dencytee Arc Sensor
  • ArcAirTM
  • No Transmitter

*Sampling required during initial modeling and model maintenance

Will Hamilton Total Cell Density Sensors Work with My Process?

Cell Density applications ebook

Review Hamilton's Cell Density Applications Ebook

Hamilton cell density sensors are compatible with many types of cell lines and microbial strains, process types, and industries. Read more below or download our Cell Density Applications eBook to see real data with different cell lines and process types.

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Dencytee Sensors Software and Accessories

dencytee pre-amp

Find more information about the Dencytee PreAmp sensor. The unit consists of a Dencytee sensor and a pre-amplifier, which converts the analog measurement to a stable digital signal. The unit is connected to an Arc View Controller, equipped with a required Dencytee License.


Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory articles, frequently asked questions, and document downloads.
  • Catalog - Process Analytics

    Download the Process Analytics sensor catalog to learn about the complete offering of Hamilton process sensors and accessories.
  • Brochure - Viable and Total Cell Density Sensors

    Dencytee Arc sensors enable real-time, in-situ measurement of total cell density using transmittance and reflectance of near-infrared light in low and high cell density applications. Guided in-line/off-line correlation modeling, using the ArcAir software, facilitates the creation of a total biomass sensor. Reduce off-line sampling and increase the reliable optical density measurement range.
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