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Incyte Cell Density Measurement Principles

Incyte enables the dual frequency measurement mode, or a frequency scanning. Learn about how Hamilton Incyte cell density sensors can continuously measure viable cells.

Connecting Cell Density (Pre-amp Versions) to External Systems

This article discusses the various options to output cell density measurement data to external devices such as PLCs and control systems.

Data Analysis Tools (Cell Density Pre-Amp versions)

Hamilton provides several tools to interpret cell density data and correlate it with offline measurements. Download them here.

Incyte Sensors (Pre-amp Version) - Standard vs. Low Conductivity

There are several different options for Incyte cell density sensors based on liquid conductivity. Learn more about sensor selection / applications.

Dencytee Cell Density Measurement Principle

Learn about how Hamilton Dencytee total cell density sensors can continuously measure viable cells.

Maintaining ArcView Controller Data Storage

Recording cell density data over time can eventually fill up the hard drive of the ArcView controller. This article details the methodology to purge the controller for optimal operation.

Incyte Arc PCS Connections for Existing Cell Density Users

This article reviews changes in the sensors connection strategy between the older pre-amp version of Incyte Cell Density products and the newer Incyte Arc products.

Wiring for Incyte Arc Cell Density Sensors

There are several wiring options for Incyte Arc sensors depending on the intended goals of the installation. This Knowledge Base article provides a quick guide to wiring this product for each scenario.

Sensor Initialization: ArcView Cell Density Controller and ComBox (Pre-Amp Products)

ArcView Controller and Combox products used with Incyte and Dencytee (pre-amp versions) require sensor initialization. This article tackles common questions associated with this procedure.

Data Logging Options for Incyte Arc Cell Density Sensors

There are two options to capture data with Incyte Arc Cell Density Sensors. This article provides step-by-step instructions on each.

The Integral of Viable Cell Density in Biopharma

The Integral (area under the curve) of Viable Cell Density (IVCD) or Concentration (IVCC) is an essential calculated metric in cell culture operations.

In-line vs Off-line: Permittivity Measurements versus Viable Cell Counts in Cell Culture Monitoring

Monitoring of cell culture growth and cell culture concentration has typically been performed off-line using cell-staining techniques coupled with imaging analysis or flow cytometry. However, modern permittivity (capacitance) sensors now offer real-time visibility.