The ArcAir application offers efficient and safe communication for monitoring, validating and management of users and sensors. Combining the cost savings and reliability of Arc sensors with the power, convenience and portability of the mobile devices, users benefit from automated standard calibrations and configuration in the laboratory, along with product calibrations and validations in the process environment.

The ArcAir application features the possibility of electronic signatures and event tracking in an audit trail report which enables full traceability of user actions, ready to comply with international regulatory guidances such as FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and Eudralex Volume 4 Annex 11.

What is ArcAir Software?

ArcAir is intuitive software designed to work the way you do. Monitor all sensors in your lab from an easy-to-use dashboard with one-click access to sensor configuration, calibration, and verification. Take a brief tour of ArcAir below.

ArcAir Features

ArcAir Software works in conjunction with Hamilton Arc sensors to increase the efficiency of sensor handling.

Common Interface

ArcAir works the way you do. The PC software and mobile apps offer a common user interface across phones, tablets and PCs. Report data captured by operators in the field can be stored and wirelessly sync'ed to administrator-level PCs for historical records.

Get the Big Picture

The dashboard view within ArcAir shows the status of all sensors on a single screen. Simplified color coding indicates when sensors are working fine or may have error messages or warnings. Filter the dashboard by measurement parameter, sensor status, or even by experiment to best fit the view you need.

Redefine Your Workflow

Arc sensors store data in the sensor. Configuration and calibration with ArcAir software can be done in the controlled environment of the lab on your time. Pre-calibrated sensors are then ready to go the next batch.

Automated Digital Documentation

ArcAir Software eliminates manual documentation by capturing all sensor configuration, calibration, and verification reports in a centralized database. Save time and eliminate potential transcription errors with GMP-compatible reporting.

All reports can be signed electronically enabling a complete paperless workflow. Additionally, all activities are logged from all devices in an audit trail report. This enables full traceability of user actions, ready to comply with international regulatory guidances.

ArcAir Software Options

ArcAir software can be implemented on most devices including Windows PC, Android and Apple devices. Compare the three different available versions and explore the download / order options below.

Upgrading to the newest version? Please contact our technical support.

Sensor Status
View and Sort Dashboard
View Experiments
Create Experiments
Configure / Calibrate / Verify*
Firmware Updates
Audit Trail with Comment Function
GMP Documentation Support
User's Roles and Password Management
Encrypted Database Backup and Change
Reports Electronic Signatures

*Incyte Arc cannot be calibrated and can only be validated with Advanced.


Download ArcAir Basic for Windows (Requires an Arc Wireless Converter BT or a USB Power Cable to connect to sensors).


Hamilton Arc View Mobile


Moving from older Zigbee products to Bluetooth? The Arc View Mobile tablet replaces older handheld devices with ArcAir Advanced and complies with IT requirements.


Mobile Devices: Apple

Using an Apple device? The App Store as ArcAir Lite along with upgrades for Basic and Advanced versions.

Apple App Store

Mobile Devices: Android

Got an existing Android device? Download ArcAir Lite from Google Play and upgrade to basic or advanced through in-app purchases.

Google Play Store

Note: In some territories, such as China, ArcAir is available as well after downloading on Android devices the Amazon Appstore as described at

Specific Applications


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