Hamilton’s intelligent in-line sensors are designed to record and transmit diagnostic data, including verification information. The verification ensures that a sensor is functioning properly, while a service calibration involves internal adjustments which are performed at Hamilton prior to sensor shipment. This service calibration is different from the offline correlation, which involves a correlation between off-line cell density measurements and the optical density signal from the in-line sensor. No in-lab calibration is required for the Dencytee Arc sensor.

Verifying the performance of the Dencytee Arc total cell density sensor requires the Dencytee Maintenance Tool Kit (Ref 10146924). Verification can be performed after every process run, if desired.

Optical Density Sensor Verification

The verification process serves to confirm that the sensor is functioning properly with the signal inside the tolerance limit. Any drifts or mechanical issues will be detected, with corrective action recommendations provided by the software. Verification can be performed after every process run. The ArcAir software will guide you through the entire verification procedure:

The tolerance can be customized, with a default setting of 5% and a minimum of 3%. If the signal fluctuates outside of this tolerance limit, a service calibration is required.

You will need the Absorber Clip from the Dencytee Arc Maintenance Tool Kit:

This clip will attach snugly into the sensing gap. Removal requires a firm push against the lip on the side of the clip. Press firmly upwards from the sensor shaft, to ensure no damage to the clip or the sensing windows in the probe tip.

You will also need the Transmission Cap from the Dencytee Arc Maintenance Tool Kit:

This cap may require twisting and lightly pressing onto the sensor tip to snug the sensor into the bottom o-ring. Ensure the bottom o-ring is properly seated before installation.

Service Calibration

If the verification falls outside of the tolerance limit and verification fails, please contact technical support to send in your Dencytee Arc sensor for service calibration. Fill out an RMA form and contact your local sales representative to get the process started.

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