See the Cost Savings for Yourself

Download the Intelligent Sensors Databook

Traditional pH sensor management in a production process is costly and labor intensive — often the sensor only accounts for 20 percent of total operational costs.

This eight-page databook outlines how intelligent sensors unlock savings across measurement operations to reduce start-up, calibration, documentation, and maintenance costs. Fill out the form to download it today.

The Power of In-Line Intelligent Sensors

Arc Intelligent Sensors Offer a Better Way

Using an integrated transmitter, Hamilton’s Arc Intelligent pH Sensors open a wide range of operational process improvements and cost reduction:

76% Lower Start Up Costs

Integrated micro-transmitters mean there is no need to purchase expensive stand-alone transmitters

66% Lower Calibration Costs

Eliminating at-line calibrations means a simpler workflow, saving time and materials.

80% Lower Documentation Costs

GMP-compatible reporting documents are automatically generated and stored — a significant time savings.

89% Lower Maintenance Costs

Status alerts and onboard diagnostics give technicians quick access to troubleshoot issues as they arise.