To each connecting tube (called a header assembly), affix compression fittings (not included) which are compatible with the injector and the column. For ease of operation and cartridge installation, install the holder such that the tubing coming from the thumb screw connects with the column and the tubing from the main housing attaches to the injector. See the figure below.


After the holder has been installed, a guard column cartridge may be inserted and the guard column put into service.

1. Back out the thumb screw until the face of the header assembly is flush with the inside edge of the holder housing.

2. Insert the cartridge with the flow arrow pointing toward the column end of the holder housing. Gently press the cartridge onto the injector-side header assembly.

3. Slide the holder until the column-end header assembly is gently pressed into the cartridge.

4. Finger-tighten the thumb screw until it seats and then an additional eighth turn (maximum). It is not necessary to apply large amounts of pressure to achieve sealing of the cartridge to 5,000 psi. Over-tightening may result in distortion of the cartridge and shortening its useful lifetime.

5. Pump approximately 2 ml of mobile phase through the guard column to assure that the packing is properly wetted before performing chromatographic injection. If the cartridge leaks, tighten the thumb screw just until the leaking stops.


The Guard Column Assembly was designed to provide ease of use while minimizing contribution to chromatographic band broadening. The assembly contributes extra-column volume of 10ul for the tubing and 33ul for the packed cartridge. The Guard Column prevents particulates and highly adsorptive compounds from reaching the analytical column. The life of your Guard Column Cartridge is dependent upon the cleanliness of your samples and mobile phase; filtering the mobile phase extends the cartridge lifetime.


Hamilton Company guarantees the Guard Column Cartridges and Holder to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Upon receipt, this product is warranted to perform according to specifications published in this document. Products found to be defective will be replaced at our discretion without cost, provided the product is returned with an explanation given. No other warranty is assumed or implied.


Housing Material: anodized aluminum

Connecting Tubing Size & Material: 1/16" 0.0., 0.28 mm 1.0., 316 stainless steel

Cartridge Materials: Barrel: CTFE

Frits: 316 stainless steel

Sleeve: 304 stainless steel

Frit Porosity: 2 micron

Cartridge Dimensions: 25 x 2.3 mm 1.0.

Cartridge Bed Volume: 80 microliters

Cartridge Packing Material: as labeled

Particle Size: 12-20 um for polymeric packings

10 um for silica packings

System Pressure Rating: 0-5,000 psi