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Semi-Automated Screw Cap Decapping

The new LabElite Handheld DeCapper is designed to provide fast, repeatable 6- or 8-channel decapping/capping of tubes in 48- and 96-format tube racks with internal or external threads. The device incorporates the same interchangeable adapter technology used in Hamilton Storage’s line of benchtop decappers, allowing for superior labware flexibility in terms of both brand and format.

With an ergonomic grip, along with intuitive Decap, Cap, and Eject buttons, the Handheld DeCapper provides a user-friendly experience while adding efficiency and speed to workflows. Additionally, the device helps maintain sample integrity and prevent sample loss by capping tubes with optimal torque thanks to five preset torque levels to accommodate a variety of labware.

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Features of the Handheld DeCapper

  • 6- and 8-channel decapping/capping of 48- and 96-format labware
  • Incorporates Hamilton’s interchangeable adapter technology used in its benchtop decappers
  • Flexibility in supporting globally recognized labware manufacturers
  • Adjustable torque features to securely seal labware
  • Ergonomically friendly grip and design
  • Intuitive decap/cap and eject buttons
  • Charging/docking station for accelerated workflows
  • Drip tray for cleaning convenience
  • CE approved device


Download the Handheld DeCapper Flyer

Download the Flyer

(W x D x H)
11.38 cm x 5.99 cm x 25.5 cm
(4.48 in x 2.36 in x 10.04 in)
Weight725 g (1.6 lb)
Supported Labware48-formatHamilton, FluidX, Greiner, Micronic, Nunc, and others*
96-formatHamilton, FluidX, Greiner, Matrix, Micronic, Nunc, and others*
Battery CapacitySufficient for an 8-hour session of decapping

*Others available upon request. Contact Hamilton for specific tube compatibility.

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