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Hamilton acquires the microdosing company BioFluidiX. The companies have an established partnership that will continue to grow under this agreement.

November 21, 2022 - Hamilton announced today that it is expanding its microfluidics product range with the acquisition of the microdosing company, BioFluidiX. BioFluidiX’s patented microdosing processes enable precise dosing in the nano and picoliter range and is an exciting addition to Hamilton’s liquid automation platforms. “We are happy to welcome BioFluidiX, a company that can expand our product range in the nano and picoliter range, to the Hamilton family. The industry is trending toward smaller volumes and our technologies combined are positioned to meet those demands, as previous joint projects have already shown,” said Dr. Martin Frey, CEO of Hamilton Bonaduz AG.

BioFluidiX’s automated applications serve customers in industry, life sciences, and diagnostics worldwide. Research and development will be further expanded at its Freiburg location. Frey continued, “The key phrase is ‘lab on a chip’: assays that we process on a large scale today will be completed on a small scale tomorrow. This partnership also opens the door for the discovery of completely new applications that are not currently possible with higher-dose pipetting. Hamilton is excited to see what new applications are possible.”

Dr. Peter Koltay, who co-founded BioFluidiX along with Prof. Ronald Zengerle and Prof. Hermann Sandmaier expressed excitement over the acquisition. “Hamilton has been a role model for us, serving as an industry leader since BioFluidiX was established in 2005. Hamilton is the ideal partner to successfully continue BioFluidiX’s mission,” said Dr. Koltay, who served as the company’s Managing Director until 2015.

Currently led by Dr. Andreas Ernst and Dr. Nils Lass, BioFluidiX and its staff have continued to expand their automation product line and sales figures. “With the opportunities Hamilton offers, we can drive development even faster. Our technologies are not in direct competition and can be combined very easily,” said Ernst, who will continue to lead the BioFluidiX team alongside Lass.

Hamilton is pursuing big plans in Freiburg. The BioFluidiX brand will be retained, and the Freiburg site will be expanded. The company will move into the FRIZ innovation center in the coming year, located on the campus of the University of Freiburg. The proximity to both students and scientists will further drive the potential for innovation.

About Hamilton:

Hamilton is a leading global manufacturer, providing automated liquid handling workstations and laboratory automation technology to the scientific community. With a focus on innovative design, Hamilton products incorporate patented liquid handling technologies into a portfolio that includes liquid handling platforms, standard application-based solutions, small devices, consumables, and OEM liquid handling solutions.

Known for advancing life science, clinical diagnostics, forensics, and biotechnology industries, Hamilton products offer reliability, performance, and flexibility. Ensuring a continuous commitment to quality, Hamilton utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing at production facilities in Reno, Nevada, and Bonaduz, Switzerland and has earned a global ISO 9001 certification. Privately held, Hamilton maintains headquarters in Reno, Nevada; Franklin, Massachusetts; and Bonaduz, Switzerland, along with subsidiary offices throughout the world.

About BioFluidiX:

The microdosing company BioFluidiX GmbH was founded in 2005 on the basis of patents developed in collaboration between the Institute for Microsystems Technology (IMTEK) and Hahn-Schickard in Freiburg in Breisgau. The patented microdispensing processes enable precise dispensing in the nano and picoliter range. The company, with about 20 employees, serves customers worldwide for automated applications in industry, life sciences and diagnostics.

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