easyCode Carrier

Optimized Barcode Reading

The easyCode Carrier provides four ANSI/SLAS footprint sites with a robust 2D barcode reader that captures and parses an entire microplate of container barcodes in seconds for ultra-fast, optimized sample tracking. Two models are available, including capability for 1D barcode reading on the plate side.

Features and Benefits

High-Performance Barcode Reading

The easyCode Carrier uses a 5 megapixel camera with advanced optics and a built-in light to capture even the most difficult 2D barcodes. The camera requires no warm-up time, features a read time of less than one second, and captures the entire rack in a single image.

Convenience of Two Models

The easyCode Carrier is ideal for use with 2D barcodes. The easyCode Carrier PLUS includes a mirror for 1D rack barcodes in addition to 2D barcode reading. Both models feature four ANSI/SLAS footprint sites for labware.

Small Footprint

The easyCode Carrier fits on the deck of a Hamilton liquid handling platform for 2D barcode reading and direct pipetting into the plate.

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