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High-Throughput Incubating and Shaking

The Hamilton Incubator Shaker (HIS) seamlessly integrates with Hamilton liquid handling platforms to automate incubating and shaking of up to four ANSI/SLAS footprint microplates. Multiple units may be integrated for higher throughput applications.

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Features and Benefits


Four independent ANSI/SLAS footprint sites incubate and shake plates independently. Each incubates from 4°C above room temperature to 60°C, and shakes up to 1200 rpm on a 3 mm radius.

Flexible Ease of Use

ANSI/SLAS format plates with a height of 15.25 mm or lower are compatible with HIS. Additionally, plate loading and unloading may be automated or performed manually via a loading tray that guides plates into the incubation sites.

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