Heater Shaker 3G (HHS 3G) sets a new standard

Advanced Features

Smart Adaptors

The HHS 3G comes with field-changeable Smart Adapters, allowing for easy customization and compatibility with different plate types. An ID chip on every Smart Adapter identifies the adapter type and automatically calls the parameters for optimal performance.

State-of-the-Art Controls

Experience precise temperature-, rotational-, and G-Force-control with the HHS 3G. The temperature distribution over the heating plate is more homogenous, with a significantly faster heat-up speed. The unit also features tool-free verification for hassle-free operation.

Trusted Performance

With shaking capabilities up to 2500 rpm and a maximum temperature of up to 105°C, the HHS 3G ensures reliable performance for a wide range of applications. Temperature and G-force sensors maintain precise control throughout the process.

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