Front of Hamilton's Heater Cooler

Flexible, High-Throughput Heating and Cooling

The Hamilton Heater Cooler (HHC) is a small liquid handling device that automates the heating and cooling of microplates with an ANSI/SLAS footprint. The HHC can be used as either a standalone benchtop or integrated device using any Hamilton Liquid Handling platform.

Hamilton Heater Cooler in a lab

Features and Benefits

  • Heat up to 110° C
  • Cool down to 0° C
  • Built-in drain to collect and manage condensation
  • Moisture prohibitive materials
  • Cable insulation
Hamilton Heater Cooler on deck of a Microlab STAR

Compatible with Hamilton Liquid Handling Platforms

  • Microlab VANTAGE Liquid Handling System
  • Microlab STAR
  • Microlab NIMBUS
Hamilton Heater Cooler Spec Flyer

Want to review specifications?

Download the Hamilton Heater Cooler flyer for a full list of features and devices specifications.

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