Rapid, Hands-Free Thermal Cycling

The On-Deck Thermal Cycler (ODTC) is a small liquid handling device that fully integrates with Hamilton liquid handling platforms to automate multi-step genomic workflows, and is compatible with 96- and 384-well microplates. Multiple units may be integrated on select Hamilton liquid handling platforms to streamline higher throughput workflows.

Features and Benefits

PCR Thermal Cycler Runs With Top Level Performance

INHECO’s innovative 3D vapor chamber technology provides excellent well-to-well temperature uniformity, high heating and cooling rates, and rapid transition into plateau temperature.

Streamline your genomic workflows with a On Deck Thermal Cycler

Convenient Access

Full access is available for direct pipetting into the PCR plates, and the lid may be opened horizontally during heating and cooling.

The Thermal Cycler can be easily integrated onto your liquid handler with its small footprint.

Seamless Integration

The ODTC occupies 2.5 ANSI/SLAS footprint sites on the Hamilton liquid handling platform deck while the controlling unit and power supply are external.

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