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Automate vacuum-based processes with the On Deck Vacuum Station

Hamilton On-Deck Vacuum Station: All in One System

The On-Deck Vacuum Station is an automated vacuum system that is controlled through the Hamilton liquid handling platform software to automate vacuum-based processes in ANSI/SLAS footprint microplates. It consists of a manifold top, dedicated carrier, vacuum pump and controller.

Features and Benefits

Reliable Performance

Programmable pressure monitoring is available across a control range of 1 mbar to 1060 mbar.

Seamless Integration

The On-Deck Vacuum Station occupies one ANSI/SLAS footprint site on the Hamilton liquid handling platform.

Flexible Ease of Use

A variety of 96- and 384-well ANSI/SLAS format microplates are compatible with the On-Deck Vacuum Station. Additionally, plate loading and unloading may be automated or performed manually, and the manifold top may be handled via the Hamilton liquid handling platform grippers.

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