Convenient Bulk Reagent Filling

The Media Fill Module eliminates time-consuming workflow stop points related to refilling reagent troughs. It is an ideal device for applications that consume large volumes of non-volatile, non-corrosive liquids. The startup kit includes a control box, pump kit, and deck trough module. The pump module refills the reagent troughs and automatically stops when a sensor detects that the troughs are full.

Features and Benefits

Big Volume, Small Footprint

The Media Fill Module pumps reagents to four ANSI/SLAS footprint sites that are accessible by both channels and the Multi-Probe Head (MPH).

Protecting Reagent Integrity

The Media Fill Module provides a sterile path for media and similar reagents from the source container to a reagent trough.

Expandable Capacity

Integrate additional pumps and reagent trough modules in expansion kits for further increased throughput.
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