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The All-in-One Positive Pressure Device

The Monitored Multi-Flow Positive Pressure Evaporative Extraction module, or Hamilton [MPE]², is a small liquid handling device that combines a patented dual-elevator design and liquid collection system with a laboratory’s air supply to automate solid-phase extraction (SPE) and other positive-pressure applications with high reproducibility. Complete the workflow by adding Evaporator and Reagent Fill Modules.

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Features and Benefits

Modular Design

The modular design offers convenience for users to personalize a solution for their unique application and needs.

The Logistics Module uses a dual elevator and applies up to 100 psi of positive pressure to samples through a manifold connected to a control box. This eliminates inconsistency due to path of least resistance.

The Evaporator Module provides sorbent drying, with variants for multiple microplate well densities. The Evaporator Module may be transported anywhere on the Hamilton liquid handling platform deck using the instrument’s gripper.

The optional Reagent Fill Module integrates with the dual elevator to distribute reagents to the collection plate, with capacity for up to seventeen different reagents. Rapid filling distributes 1 mL of reagent across a 96-well microplate in less than one minute.


The [MPE]2 is compatible with filter-collection plate combinations up to 110 mm high, and interchangeable manifolds are available for 24-, 48-, and 96-well processing. Additionally, cartridges and spin tubes may be used, and an ANSI/SLAS format adapter is available when processing small filter tubes.

Ease of Integration

Program the [MPE]² alone using robust VENUS software or integrate it with Hamilton liquid handling platforms. The variety of integration positions provides flexibility and ensures full integration into workflows.

An Inside Look

Hamilton is making strides in plasmid DNA purification

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Want to review specifications?

Download the [MPE]2 brochure for a full list of features and devices specifications.

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