Precision Revolutionized

Introducing Hamilton’s patented CO-RE® II (Compression O-Ring Expansion) tips. Promising continued integrity, precision, and dependability, the new CO-RE II tip design, in combination with the new stop-disk, will enhance existing hardware, extend tip longevity, and improve tip alignment and retention. For decades Hamilton has defined the standard for high-precision liquid handling. Quality engineering, a unique innovation culture combined with first-class service and support has led to cutting edge performance in handling the most challenging liquids.

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Confidence in Hamilton Quality

CO-RE® II tips combine a tight, lock-and-key fit on each Hamilton pipette channel for high-precision results, and intense, traceable quality standards for the ultimate in purity. This strengthens peace of mind and confidence in results.

Wide-Ranging Options

CO-RE® II tips are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any application, with options including sterilized, filtered, piercing, wide bore, slim and more. Additionally, tips are packaged in trays or nested tip racks for enhanced convenience.

CO-RE® II Benefits

Together as an exclusive system, CO-RE® II tips and Hamilton pipette channels create a tight seal for extreme accuracy and precision; and employ force-free tip pickup and ejection to support performance without tip deformity or excessive instrument wear commonly found in inferior automated systems.

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Hamilton has new state of the art manufacturing inside of clean rooms

CO-RE II® Tips Traceability & Manufacturing Facilities

Skilled personnel and a tightly-controlled, automated clean room production process ensure contamination-free CO-RE II® (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) tip manufacturing of the highest consistency and quality.

Hamilton Pipetting Technologies

CO-RE II® (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology, exclusive to Hamilton liquid handling platforms, consistently delivers precision, accuracy and reproducibility during liquid handling, along with enhanced functionality, beyond that of pipetting, for user convenience.

Specific Applications

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