Pipetting Excellence Program

CHECK: Routine Testing Made Simple

The new Hamilton VeriPlate is a high-precision plate with capillaries in an SBS Format. It serves to efficiently evaluate the trueness and precision of the dispensed volume by optical image analysis of liquid filled capillaries.

The simple to use tools is intended for the routine testing of volumes between 5 µL and 10 µL (10 µL VeriPlate). The routine testing is done in four easy steps, that are illustrated in the workflow below:

See the VeriPlate "in action"

  • Easy Operation: No need for a specialist – any lab
    operator can use VeriPlate with confidence.
  • Traceable report: Get detailed routine test report
    with clear pass/fail results supporting regulatory
  • Reduce cost and improve productivity: Ensure higher
    uptime, reduce experimental repetitions and support

How often should you perform routine tests with VeriPlate?

Find out with the online Performance Calculator below and click "Start the Assessment".