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Our Arc Modbus Converters are now supporting all parameters. Just like the many languages that are spoken around the world, there are various communication protocols in bioproduction, so proper communication among the different devices and process control systems is not necessarily an easy task.

Forget about your integration worries: thanks to our large Arc converter portfolio, we offer seamless integration of our sensors to your protocol so that you can take full advantage of our Arc technology.


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Reference No.




Max. Sensors444
Special Notes

No SCAN function on Incyte Arc

No SCAN function on Incyte ArcOnly read, writing functions to be done using an Arc Wi BT converter
Required Software4.2 (Profibus script + GSD)

4.2 (Profinet script + GSDML)

1.10.0 (Web)

1.10.0 (SD Card)

What are Converters?

Hamilton ARC Converters are gateway devices designed to seamlessly integrate Hamilton Arc RS485 Modbus RTU protocol with various other industrial communication protocols, including Profibus DP, Profinet, and OPC UA. These gateways enable you to integrate Hamilton Arc Sensors in the protocol of your choice, thereby reducing development time and costs while unlocking the full potential of our Arc technology.

By investing in Hamilton ARC Converters, you can streamline your operations, reduce costs and improve efficiency by eliminating the need for additional hardware and software development. The result is a faster and more efficient integration process, allowing you to get up and running quickly and easily.

At Hamilton, we are committed to solving Biopharma challenges that help our customers improve their operations and achieve their goals. Our Hamilton ARC Converters are a testament to that commitment, offering you the flexibility, reliability, and performance you need to succeed in today's fast-paced industrial automation environment.


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