ArcAir Software Versions

ArcAir software comes in three different versions - Lite, Basic, and Advanced. The chart in this article provides a quick guide for each version.

ArcAir Software Connectivity Options

Communication between Arc sensors and ArcAir Software can be accomplished via wired or wireless (Bluetooth) connections.

Arc Wi Wireless Bluetooth Adapters for probes

There are two versions of the Wi Wireless Bluetooth adapter. This article gets into the selection, wiring, and isolation of these products.

ArcAir Minimum Sensor Firmware Requirements

This article lists the minimum firmware levels for all Arc sensors to properly work with ArcAir Software.

Modbus Communication Basics for Arc Intelligent Sensors

This simple primer article discusses the basic setup of Modbus for Arc intelligent sensors and VisiFerm ECS DO sensors.

Local Display Options for Arc Intelligent Sensors

This article discusses simple ways to add a third party local display to an Arc intelligent sensors.

Connecting Arc Products to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Wiring schematics and tips for connecting Arc sensors directly to programmable logic controllers.

Arc Single-Use Calibration Video

See a simple example of how ArcAir software can be used to calibrate single-use DO caps with the sensor.

Firmware Updates for Arc Products

Hamilton Arc and VisiFerm ECS sensors rely upon internal firmware for their operation. Periodic firmware updates ensure that the sensor has the latest features and fixes any pre-existing bugs that may exist.

ArcAir Software Guided Tour

ArcAir offers an overview of all the Arc sensors in your environment, through computer, tablet and your mobile phone. In this guided tour, you will learn how to use the ArcAir software to configure, calibrate and validate your sensors.

Bilinear Analog Outputs with Arc Sensors

Bilinear analog (4 to 20mA) outputs are a feature in Arc sensors but are often not well understood. This article provides a brief description of these outputs along with some examples where they can be used.

Sensor Security with Operator Level S Password

To enhance the security of your sensors and ensure that changes are monitored, Hamilton strong-ly advises updating the default Operator Level S password on both the sensor and the ArcAir software. Find out how in this article.

ArcAir - Laboratory vs Login Startup

ArcAir software can be started up in single-user laboratory mode or with a password-protected login mode. This brief Knowledgebase article describes the advantages of each mode and provides a short video to see the differences.

Arc Sensors - Signal Averaging

Certain applications may introduce conditions that create fluctuating or "noisy" measurements. The noisy measurement can make process control challenging. One way to improve signal stability is to adjust the moving average setting using ArcAir software.

Warnings and Errors with Arc pH / ORP Sensors

The advanced diagnostics of Hamilton Arc pH / ORP sensors are indicated by warnings and errors. This article dives into the different types of warnings and errors as well as how they are defined.