An important requirement of GMP Part 11 compliance is the ability to password protect ArcAir software and Arc sensors. For users that choose to modify the sensor password it is important to understand how this feature works. This brief article explores common questions related to password management in these products.

Should I change my password?

It should be understood that good password management is critical. We suggest that you only modify your password if you have a safe method to log the password for future reference. A lost password could result in lost access to configuration and calibration of the sensor.

Where is the password field located in ArcAir?

Log into ArcAir software. click on <Backstage> located in the top left corner of the dashboard screen then select <Settings> and <Operator Level S Password>.

How does ArcAir manage passwords?

The passwords in ArcAir software and the Arc sensor need to match to gain access to the sensor. Both products use a default service level password (16021966).

Within ArcAir the only location to change a password is the Backstage setting described above. When this password is changed, the software will attempt to write this new password to the sensor. If the passwords are not matched then a window will open asking for the sensor password. This window is shown below.

The password that already exists on the sensor must be entered into this window to gain access. Once access is gained, the Operator Level S Password found in the Backstage of the ArcAir software will be overwritten to the sensor. In this relationship, the ArcAir software acts as the master and the sensor acts as the minion.

What happens if I lose my password?

Please don't lose the password! As already noted, password management is critical. If your organization does not have a clear methodology for password management then we highly suggest leaving the default passwords in place.

If the modified password to the Arc sensor is unknown then all access to the sensor is lost. While the primary measurement value and temperature will still display in the ArcAir dashboard; however, there will be no ability to configure and calibrate the sensor.

If you lose the ArcAir software password then please contact Hamilton Technical Support for assistance.

The flowchart below shows each scenario for password access if changes are made.

To help better understand how passwords work between software and sensor the short video shown below provides several examples of modifying passwords and regaining access.

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