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New users for ArcAir software for PC and laptop start in Laboratory Mode; however the software has the option for a password protected log-in process. The status can be easily changed and is described in the video below.

What is ArcAir Laboratory Mode?

When ArcAir is in laboratory mode, there is no log-in process at software startup. This mode is ideal for a single user who does not require the security of password protection. Laboratory mode is also the default mode when ArcAir is first installed on a PC.

Why is a Log-in Process Required?

ArcAir software is designed for FDA CFR 21 Part 11 compliance. To meet this requirement, the software must have the ability for password protection. This level of security is also required when the site will have multiple user roles such as Administrator, Technician or Quality all accessing the same sensor database.

The short video below shows the two different ways that ArcAir can be setup on a Windows PC as well as how to alternate between Laboratory mode and login.

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