Arc Intelligent Sensors offer many benefits by placing the micro-transmitter electronics within the sensor. In certain cases, some users still desire a local display for the process measurement. This article demonstrates how a third party device can be used to display the measurement value from the probe.

In this example, a local display from a third party manufacturer was evaluated. Precision Digital is a well-known manufacturer of panel meters and industrial displays. When tested with various Hamilton Arc sensors their ProVu PD6000 Process Meter offers the following features.

Local Display Features

  • 120/240VAC or 24VDC power used for the display can also power the Arc sensor.
  • The sensor can be directly wired to the ProVu display or a Wi 1G BT wireless adapter can be used.
  • The 4-20mA sensor output is retransmitted by the display to the user’s control system.
  • A second line can be used to display the unit of measure.
  • The decimal point value can be changed via keypad or software.

Configuration & Wiring

The Precision Digital display uses the Arc sensor 4 - 20 mA output for its input signal. The measurement range of the display should be configured to match the range of sensor output. The corresponding unit of measure can be configured as a second line of the display. Display configuration can be done through the display keypad or software. Configuration and calibration of the Arc sensor would be accomplished through ArcAir software.

Arc intelligent sensors can be wired to the display in a 2-wire or 3-wire configurations as shown below. 2-wire loop power sensor wiring is suitable for Arc pH, ORP, Conducell, OxyFerm, VisiFerm mA, and VisiTrace mA products. 3-wire sensor wiring is required for VisiFerm products, as well as the addition of the Wi 1G Bluetooth Adapter (Ref 243460) to any sensor. The Precision Digital input circuit includes galvanic isolation thus no additional signal conditioning is needed.

Evaluation Summary

After evaluation, the Precision Digital PD6000 seems like a potential solution for users who want a simple local display for Arc sensors. Since the display includes a 24VDC power supply for the sensor, a standard VP8 cable can be used.

Full configuration of the sensor can still be done offline OR while powered from the display using the Wi 1G Adapter and Bluetooth.

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