ArcAir software requires that the Arc intellingent sensors and related hardware are at a minimum firmware version to provide full functionality.

ProductMinimum Sensor Firmware Level
VisiFerm, VisiWater ODOUM038
VisiPro, VisiFerm mA ODOUH00
VisiTrace, VisiTrace mA LDOUH00
pH EPHUM010 or EPHUM030
Conducell 4UxF CONUM014 or CONUM030
Conducell PWSE CPWUM013 or CPWUM030
OxyFerm/OxyGold EDOUM013 or EDOUM030
USB Bluetooth Converter WLCMB002

Hamilton firmware updates are sequential by changing the last two digits to a higher number. Please consult your local Hamilton rep or office to obtain the latest firmware versions or refer to our firmware update Knowledge Base page.

When ArcAir Basic or Advanced software is installed on a windows-based PC the user has the ability to update firmware to the latest version. This requires a wired connection with the PC as shown below. Please note that VisiPro, VisiTrace, VisiFerm mA, and VisiTrace mA are the exception to this rule. These products allow for wireless firmware updates using Bluetooth communication.

Wired Connection with PC

Arc intelligent sensors can be directly connected to a windows PC running ArcAir using the Arc USB Power Cable (Ref 243490-01). A PC with USB 2.0 ports that allow full power (up to 500 mA) is recommended.

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