Based on the results of R&D department the process conditions of growing cells, bacteria or yeast are further optimized in pilot scale reactors in order to increase yield and to simulate the conditions of the production process. Depending on the quantities needed the size of the bioreactors might vary by magnitudes.



Media Preparation

Media for cell culture or fermentation are prepared in a sterile environment and monitored carefully in order to get reliable results in the upstream process.

Pilot Seed Tank

Like in research & development cells, bacteria or yeast are kept under excellent growth conditions to maximize the yield of the target molecule in the large scale bioreactors in pilot and production departments.

Pilot Bioreactor

Aerobic or anaerobic processes are run the mainly stainless steel bioreactors to produce small or large molecules. In pilot scale reactors the process conditions for the later production size are determined and optimized.

Harvest Tank

Prior to further processing cell culture or fermentation broth from several bioreactors are collected in the harvest tank.

Specific Applications

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