Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - VisiFerm ECS

The VisiFerm DO ECS optical dissolved oxygen sensor offers a simple way to upgrade from traditional polarographic sensors. The sensor measurement principle offers increased accuracy and reduced maintenance while the ECS (Electrochemical Signal) output can be directly input into controllers and transmitters that accept the traditional nano-amp signal of a polarographic oxygen sensor.

Introducing VisiFerm RS485

The next generation VisiFerm drastically reduces calibration frequency and has a higher robustness. Learn more about the new sensors:


Compatible with existing bioreactors

Some new bioreactors are designed to directly receive the Arc 4-20 mA and Modbus signals. For older bioreactors that require a nanoAmp (nA) sensor output the VisiFerm ECS is capable of simulating this signal allowing for direct replacement of polarographic sensors with optical technology.

VisiFerm Sensor Caps

The standard H0 cap is the default option for most applications. The H2 cap has a convex design to minimize bubble accumulation and a PTFE membrane that increases the chemical resistance.

Learn more about all the caps Hamilton offers

Connecting a VisiFerm

The VisiFerm requires more power than a traditional polarographic sensor. Some bioreactors provide this power and others require an external power source. Hamilton offers a variety of powered cables with various connectors to accommodate most installations. If your reactor uses a nonstandard connection contact Hamilton to find out about custom cabling options.

VisiFerm ECS Cables

Wireless Calibration and Diagnostics

Add the optional Arc Wi adapter to enable Bluetooth connection from PC, tablet, and mobile devices. The ArcAir application streamlines sensor management and documentation.

Arc Wi 1G Adapter

ArcAir Software

Specific Applications


Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory articles, frequently asked questions, and document downloads.
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    Download the dissolved oxygen brochure to explore the many benefits of making the switch to optical oxygen measurement.
  • Brochure - Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors for Biopharma

    Hamilton extensively investigated the effects of the bioprocess on measurement accuracy. Analysis of sensor aging, chemical attack, and physical damage yielded the necessary understanding for development of a next generation VisiFerm which reduces the need for frequent calibration.
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