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Real-Time CO2NTROL: Solid-State Optical CO2 Sensors specifically made for bioreactors.

If you have not seen or tested our new breed of dissolved carbon dioxide (DCO2) sensors, watch this on demand webinar. In this 45-minute video, you will learn everything about this new sensor and we will also explain:

  • What is missing from current measurement DCO₂ measurement technologies, like Severinghaus sensors and blood gas analyzers (BGAs)?
  • How can solid-state, optical measurement decrease operational cost?


More On-Demand Online Seminars

Online Seminar: Sampling Procedures to Improve In-line pH Measurement

The focus in this webinar is on the essentials of pH measurements. pH is one of the most common and routine types of analytical methods, but in order to achieve good precision and accuracy, proper technique must be followed.

Online Seminar: Overcoming Challenges in Bioproduction Scale-Up

Scale-up is a necessary part of successful bioproduction, but the process is laden with challenges. This online seminar discuss some of the difficulties of scaling up, as well as strategies to overcome these challenges and minimize scale-up efforts and downtime.

Online Seminar Recording: The Perfect Tool for Real-Time Viable Cell Density Data

Learn about the principle of capacitance (permittivity) measurement and how it can be used alongside established cell counting methods. You'll also learn about the technology behind Incyte Arc, Hamilton's latest cell density sensor.

Sensors for GMP Environments: Compliance with GAMP 5 - Part 11 & Annex 11

This 30-minute online seminar covers how process sensors apply to regulations and guidances applying to process analytical solutions; GAMP 5 and computerized systems; how GMP users can work with suppliers all along the DQ-IQ-OQ-PQ process sensor’s lifecycle.

Online Seminar: Intelligent Sensors for PAT Applications

In this on-demand online seminar with Giovanni Campolongo, you will learn how intelligent sensors apply to process analytical technologies (PAT) and how these tools enable efficient control of process variability.

Online Seminar: The Rise of Optical Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

Come learn why has the biotech industry largely shifted from polarographic to optical methods for dissolved oxygen measurement, and what challenges remain with optical dissolved oxygen measurement.

Online Training: ArcAir for Sensor Management and Documentation

This online seminar is for all users of ArcAir, Hamilton's sensor management app, but it also addresses those who are interested to learn more about the capabilities of modern digital sensor management and control.