How does Process Analytical Technology apply to the Biopharma Industry?

Download our White Paper and Learn about Quality Attributes, Critical Process Parameters, and Key Performance Indicators at the Bioreactor.

Process Analytical Technology in Biopharma

Our White Paper provides a comprehensive, but accessible, overview of requirements and recommendations related to the FDA's Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Download our White Paper to learn about:

  • Critical process parameters (CPPs), critical quality attributes (CQAs), and key performance indicators (KPIs) for fermentation control in the bioreactor.
  • Which CPPs and KPIs are the most reliable to efficiently monitor your process.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each monitoring method.
  • The most recent examples of PAT applied in the biopharma industry and R&D.


The Keys to Quality: Critical Process Parameters & Key Performance Indicators

Download our White Paper to learn the importance and methods of monitoring Critical Process Parameters and Key Performance Indicators for achieving the optimal product quality and yield.

ph probes


Learn why keeping pH in the correct working range has an impact both on cell viability as well as cell growth.
dissolved oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen

Discover how monitoring Dissolved Oxygen can help you control the air supply to your bioreactor in real time, ensuring optimal cell viability.
Dissolved Carbon Dioxide

Dissolved Carbon Dioxide

Discover why monitoring Dissolved Carbon Dioxide is essential for ensuring optimal product titer and preventing cell growth inhibition.

Viable Cell Density

Discover how monitoring Viable Cell Density can help you control the nutrient feed rate in real time, ensuring optimal product titer.

Total Cell Density

Discover how monitoring Total Cell Density in real-time can help you get better insights about cell health.

Download our White Paper

Biopharma PAT White Paper