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Watch this On-Demand Webinar on Cell Density Measurement

In-line parameters like pH and dissolved oxygen are commonly used to optimize process yield. Further optimization is now possible with a new breed of sensors for in-line measurement of viable and total cell density.

In this 45-minute, pre-recorded webinar you will:

  • Learn about the impact of continuous, in-situ cell density measurements compared traditional off-line sampling
  • Learn how you can create your own process optimization plan using new sensor technology
  • Learn about the experiences of those who have tried the technology and saw positive results
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Meet the Speakers

Steve Hammond

A MBA with 20 years of experience in Measurement Technology, Steve is a Hamilton Product Manager based in the USA.

Marlene Frank

A Graduate Engineer in Biotechnology, Marlene is the former product manager for cell density sensors at Hamilton Bonaduz AG.

Florian Aupert

Florian holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and is now Doctoral Candidate at Leibniz Universität Hannover working on his thesis: “Development of a modular soft sensor platform for Biopharmaceutical Cell Culture Upstream Processes."

Lukas Neutsch

A Ph.D in Biology, Lukas is a group leader and lecturer of the Bioprocess Technology Group at ZHAW, focusing on Cell-Based Bioprocess Monitoring, Bioprocess Development and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.