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What are ORP and pH Probes?

pH probes (hydrogen ion concentration) and ORP probes (oxidation reduction potential) are both critical measurement and control parameters for many liquid processes. Hamilton Process Analytics offers a wide selection of high quality pH probe and ORP probe solutions for use in all bioprocesses, as well as many other industries that require high accuracy and reliability from their probes. Hamilton is one of the few manufacturers of process sensors to have multiple pH membrane glass bulb options and reference designs to tailor the probe for the specific application.

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Types of pH and ORP Probes

Download our pH Measurement Guide

pH Measurement Guide

Get a better understanding of pH measurement in Hamilton’s comprehensive pH Measurement Guide. This 68-page booklet is intended for anyone with an interest in pH sensor technology or anyone who needs to implement pH sensors in controlled environments such as laboratories and industrial plants.

The guide covers the following essential topics:

  • Definition of pH scale
  • The NERNST equation
  • The pH measurement system and measurement chain characteristics
  • Applications, calibration, and maintenance of Hamilton's pH sensors

pH Probes and ORP Probes Applications


Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory articles, frequently asked questions, and document downloads.
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    Innovative solutions for process analytics in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.
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