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Control Unit

The Control Unit comprises 3 different devices. 

(1) The Arc View Controller, allows review all of your data at a glance. The Controller is used to collect and record data generated by the Incyte and Dencytee sensors. It is a stand-alone device designed for a production area with robust stainless steel housing. It can connect to either two (265) or four (465) sensors at the same time. The 265 and 465 Controllers have a 5.7” diagonal touch screen, while the 465XL has a larger 12” diagonal touchscreen for simplified viewing of multiple sensors. 

(2) The ComBox is designed for the R&D area with a small design (19 cm x 8.5 cm x 5.6 cm) to fit easily on a bench. The box maintains all the features of the Arc View 265 from the convenience of being connected to any personal computer in the area and running the software there. Both devices feature wireless display and recording of Arc sensors, such as pH and dissolved oxygen, using with a wireless module. All relevant parameters of a cell culture or fermentation can be viewed from one screen.

(3) The Cell Density Integration Kit is designed to allow easy integration into skid fermenter controllers or production cabinets.

To properly run an Incyte or Dencytee sensor the Arc View Controller or ComBox, it must be equipped with the proper licenses, according to the schema below. The Cell Density Integration Kit is equipped with all licenses. 

The Incyte License is required to use Incyte sensors. The Incyte Scan License is optional for measurement at 17 additional frequencies to analyze the bioprocess in a more detailed manner. The Dencytee License is required to use Dencytee sensors. The OPC License is optional for connection to OPC network. The licenses are specific to the Control Unit and are not transferable

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