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VisiFerm DO 225

VisiFerm DO 225

The VisiFerm DO is the first optical oxygen sensor with integrated opto-electronics, having the full functionality of a measuring device with selfdiagnostics. It is steam sterilizable, autoclavable and CIP compatible. The VisiFerm requires less maintenance than a classical oxygen sensor as it does not have a mechanically sensitive membrane or a corrosive electrolyte. Available with the ECS mode (Clark cell simulation).

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Part Number/REF: 242452-02
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a-length 215 mm
Measurement Principle Oxygen dependent luminescence quenching
Measuring Range 4 ppb to 25 ppm (DO) 0 to 62.85 %-vol or 0 to 300 %-sat
Accuracy at 25 °C 1 ± 0.05 %-vol: 21 ± 0.2 %-vol; 50 ± 0.5 %-vol
Membrane / Cap ODO Cap P0
Electrolyte None
Oxygen Consumption None
Required Flow None
Response Time t98% < 30 s at 25 °C
Temperature Sensor NTC 22 kOhm
Monitoring of sensor quality Yes
Drift at Room Temperature < 1 % per week
Configurable Values DO: mbar; %-sat; %-vol; µg/l; mg/l; ppb; ppm; Temperature: °C
ATEX Approval No
Autoclavable Yes, max. Temperature 130 °C
Steam Sterilizable Yes, max. Temperature 140 °C
Operating Temperature Range -10 to 140 °C; the sensor provides no DO reading above 85 °C
Pressure Range (bar g) -1 to 12 bar
Surface Quality of Steel Ra < 0.4 µm (N5)
Certificate Yes
Diameter 12 mm
Process Connection PG13,5
Electrical Connector VP8
Wetted Parts Stainless steel 1.4435, Silicone (FDA approved, USP class VI), EPDM (FDA approved, USP class VI)
Analog Interface 1 ECS / 4-20 mA
Baud Rate 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600,115200 bd
Operating Voltage 7 to 30 VDC max. 1 W
Digital Interface RS485 Modbus, max. 31 addresses
Serial Number Yes
O-ring Material EPDM FDA approved USP class VI