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The VisiWater Optical Dissolved Oxygen sensors are intended for the measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) in environmental applications. It comes standard with a 10 m fixed cable and IP68 rating for submersion beneath the liquid surface. The VisiWater sensor includes integrated opto-electronics, having the full functionality of a measuring device with self-diagnostics. This design requires less maintenance than a classical amperometric oxygen sensor as it does not have a mechanically sensitive membrane or a corrosive electrolyte.

USB Drive ModBus RS485 Converter

Hardwired Connection

The VisiWater does not have an option for wireless Bluetooth communication so a hardwired digital connection is required. This USB adapter enables configuration and calibration from a PC using ArcAir software.

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Powering the VisiWater

The VisiWater requires external power from the control system or from a wall power supply that provides 7 - 30 VDC max. 1 W. Hamilton does not offer an separate power supply.


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