The VisiFerm DO is the first 12 mm optical oxygen sensor with integrated opto-electronics, having the full functionality of a measuring device with self-diagnostics. It is steam sterilizable, autoclavable and CIP compatible. The VisiFerm DO requires less maintenance than a classical oxygen sensor as it does not have a mechanically sensitive membrane or a corrosive electrolyte.

VisiFerm ECS

Drop this optical sensor into an existing polarographic sensor installations. The VisiFerm DO ECS simulates a traditional nA, electrochemical sensor output making it easy to install with existing bio controller and transmitter setups.

VisiFerm Arc

Looking for a more reliable signal? Arc sensors eliminate the need to amplify delicate nA signals by communicating directly to the control system digitally or via 4-20 mA.

Dissolved Oxygen for Hygienic Applications

The VisiFerm DO is designing to meet the demanding needs of hygienic applications in the biotechnology, bio pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industry.

  • Standard 12 mm sensor shaft format
  • Autoclave, CIP, and SIP compatible
  • Electrolyte-free, eliminating contamination
  • Constructed from FDA compliant, and USP Class VI certified materials

Specific Applications


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