The Conducell 4UxF sensors are suited for measurements in hygienic applications. All wetted parts are FDA compliant, can be cleaned easily and withstand CIP cleanings, SIP sterilizations, and autoclavations. The sensors show a very good linearity over a broad measuring range.

This sensor is available in several materials including stainless steel (1.4435 & 2.4602), Platinum, and Titanium. They are also available with different process connections, such as BioConnect (BC) or Varivent, and in different lengths.

Conducell 4Uxf conductivity sensor

Conducell 4UxF - Traditional

Conducell 4UxF 4-pole conductivity sensors offer good linearity with a broad measurement range and multiple electrode options.
Conducell 4Usf Conductivity sensor

Conducell 4UxF - Arc

Conducell 4UxF Arc conductivity sensors allow calibrations to be stored in the sensor and direct connection to the control system.

Specific Applications


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