Genuine Hamilton electrolytes are needed to keep your ChemoTrode, IonoTrode or laboratory sensor running smoothly. Complete the maintenance on your sensor by using Hamilton cleaning and storage solutions to ensure high accuracy and long life.

  • pH and ORP Electrolytes

    Part # / Ref # Description
    238036 Hamilton Electrolyte 3 M KCl, 100 mL
    238037 Skylyte, 100 mL
    238038 Protelyte, 100 mL
    238936 Hamilton Electrolyte 3 M KCl, 500 mL
    238937 Skylyte, 500 mL
    238939 Hamilton Electrolyte 3 M KCl viscous, 500 mL
    242080 Skylyte-CL, 100 mL
    281057 Hamilton Electrolyte 1M KNO3, 100 mL
  • pH and ORP Cleaning / Storage Solutions

    Part # / Ref # Description
    238290 pH Cleaning Solution Set
    238931 Hamilton Storage Solution 500 mL


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