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The H100 transmitter provides an easy to use interface for traditional Hamilton sensors. Intuitive menus allow simplified configuration and calibration of the sensor. Sensor status is continually monitored and faults are visually identified with icons on the large LCD screen. The H100 universal power supply can accept either AC or DC power which allows for flexibility in most applications. The transmitter comes with Factory Mutual non-incendive rating for use in hazardous areas.

Software Functionality

Standard Software for Conductivity

  • Sample calibration
  • Temperature calibration: one point
  • Temperature compensation: linear, NaCl, ultrapure water (NaCl, HCl)
  • Simulation of current output
  • Self-Diagnosis and Self-Test
  • Concentration measurement
  • Clock

Standard Software for pH/ORP

  • Offset and two-point calibration
  • Sample calibration
  • Manual and automatic calibration with standard buffers
  • Manual and buffer specification
  • Temperature compensation
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Isotherm intersection
  • Simulation of current output
  • Self-Diagnosis and Self-Test
  • Calibration stability settings
  • Alarm and limit functions
  • Clock


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