pH, ORP, and DO sensors with Memosens outputs require special transmitters designed to support the inductive connection and proprietary digital communication protocol. Hamilton has you covered with the H220X MS transmitter.

Software Options

Standard Software for pH/ORP

  • Offset and two-point calibration
  • Sample calibration
  • Calibration with standard buffers
  • Manual buffer specification
  • Temperature compensation
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Isotherm intersection
  • Simulation of current output
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • Calibration stability settings
  • Clock
  • Memosens sensor information
  • Memosens sensor check

Advanced Software additions

(includes all the standard features along with the following)
  • Medium Compensation
  • Calibration Timer
  • Sensor Condition Check (SCC)
  • Process Condition Check (PCS)
  • Operating hours counter
  • Sterilization count


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