Portable, semi-automated device is compatible with a wide variety of internally and externally threaded labware

Franklin, Mass. (February 24, 2022) – The new LabElite Handheld DeCapper from Hamilton Storage provides rapid and repeatable decapping and capping of 48- and 96-format racked tubes. This semi-automated device bridges the gap between manual and fully automated sample de/capping tasks for those who seek greater efficiencies with less physical strain yet are not quite ready to migrate to a fully automated workflow.

The budget-friendly LabElite Handheld DeCapper is available in 6- and 8-channel formats and incorporates the same interchangeable adapter technology used in Hamilton Storage’s automated benchtop decappers. This enables compatibility with internally and externally threaded labware from a variety of manufacturers, while five discrete, preset torque levels help to prevent sample loss and damage due to misthreaded or damaged caps.

An ergonomic grip, along with intuitive decap, cap, and eject buttons, provides a user-friendly experience while boosting workflow efficiency and throughput. The LabElite Handheld DeCapper is portable during use and battery-powered for increased convenience without the hassle of a tether or cord. An integrated workflow docking station with removable drip tray charges the device when not in use, and may also be used as a convenient, protective, and temporary holding station for caps attached to the Handheld DeCapper.

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