Cleaning Wires for 22s, 25s, and 28-30 gauge needles (0.00497" O.D.)

To extend the life of a needle it is critical to thoroughly clean before storage. It is much easier to flush out contaminants before they dry and harden. Be sure to flush the needle with a solvent known to solubilize the sample. One common mistake is to flush salts, protein, or DNA with organic solvents. This tends to precipitate the contaminants, resulting in clogs instead of preventing them. Hamilton’s Needle Cleaning Kit includes a biodegradable, non-phosphate Cleaning Solution Concentrate that is suitable for many common sample types and various sized tungsten cleaning wires that can be threaded through the needle to clear a blockage.

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Part/REF # 18301
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Wire Outer Diameter (O.D.)
Wire Outer Diameter (O.D.)
0.00497 in / 0.126 mm
Sales Quantity
Sales Quantity
10 per pack


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