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VisiFerm DO

VisiFerm DO

The VisiFerm DO is the first optical oxygen sensor with integrated opto-electronics, having the full functionality of a measuring device with self-diagnostics. It is steam sterilizable, autoclavable and CIP compatible. The visiFerm requires less maintenance than a classical oxygen sensor as it does not have a mechanically sensitive membrane or a corrosive electrolyte.

The Arc System

The VisiFerm DO is also available with our innovative Arc system. The Arc system eliminates the transmitter and communicates directly with your Process Control System.


Typical Application

  • No fragile membrane - with a solid sensor cap
  • No polarization time required
  • Instantly stable values, low drift, quick response
  • Convenient pre-calibration in the laboratory, because data is stored in the sensor head
  • Ethanologenic fermentation
  • Biotechnical fermentation
  • Brewery wort aeration
  • Proactive corrosion control in HVAC systems