OxyFerm sensors

The OxyFerm FDA is an electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensor suited for applications with high demands for hygiene, e.g. in pharmaceutical industry, in biotechnology and in food & beverage production. It is available with 12 mm or 25 mm shaft (XL) diameter. When using Oxylyte USD electrolyte, even upside-down insertion is possible. The sensor is equipped with a FDA approved membrane for usage in hygienic processes. It can withstand steam sterilization, autoclavation and CIP cleanings. The OxyFerm CIP with its special designed membrane cap is designed to withstand frequent and harsh CIP cleanings.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor - OxyFerm FDA Arc

OxyFerm FDA Arc

A combination of the hygienic design of the OxyFerm with the advantages of Arc technology for analog and digital communication.

OxyFerm FDA Memosens

Memosens technology allows upgrading an existing installation with proven Hamilton polarographic DO sensor technology.

OxyFerm CIP

OxyFerm CIP polarographic dissolved oxygen sensors use a special membrane formulation to provide longer life in frequent CIP applications.
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Oxyferm FDA

OxyFerm FDA Traditional

OxyFerm sensors provide a traditional nanoamp (nA) current output with multiple options for electrical connectors and mounting connections.


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